Specialised Support

Specialist SupportOnce an assessment has taken place the conclusions and recommendations will be identified in a full diagnostic report. This information can be used to inform a structured plan for development.

Midlands Assessment Centre Ltd can provide a service which can work with the individual to implement the recommendations. This service can either be a one off session or a block booking of sessions.

A one off session will provide a full breakdown of the report. It will inform of all strengths and any areas for development outlined. It will also provide the opportunity to discuss how to maximise progression in employment or education or everyday life.

A block of sessions will address the areas that have been identified for improvement. Midlands Assessment Centre Ltd has the experience of teaching using a variety of methods. We all learn in different ways – listening (auditory learner), seeing (visual learner) or ‘hands on’ (kinaesthetic). We will assess and identify the preferred style and tailor our approach to suit.