We specialise in assessments for dyslexia, disabled student allowance and work place provision.

Diagnostic Assessment Report

An assessment will provide a detailed report that will highlight areas of difficulty but also your areas of strength. This will help inform future education and employment options. The report may provide evidence for you to receive extra time in exams or support.
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Study Needs

A study needs assessment is a meeting where you have the opportunity to discuss how your disability impacts on you when you are studying. Following that various support options will be to find the best way forward in supporting you whilst at university.
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Midlands Assessment Centre

Experts at what we do

We began specialising in working with students with learning difficulties and over the next 10 years, developed a full range of skills that were successful. These include British Sign Language, Braille, Note-taking, use of computers and current software, Language Modification and Mentoring.
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