About Us

Midlands Assessment Centre Ltd staff are qualified Dyslexia Assessors and Specialist Teachers. Alongside their qualifications they have 10 years experience of working with students with disabilities. Their experience ranges from teaching and assessing people with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Aspergers, Attention Deficit, Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment and Physical Difficulties.

This wealth of experience has resulted in the Midlands Assessment Centre Ltd being able to offer a full range of services to encompass all areas of disability.

The founders of the company have a business background but in 2000 they became qualified teachers. They specialised in working with students with learning difficulties and over the next 10 years developed a full range of skills that were successful. These include British Sign Language, Braille, Note taking, use of computers and current software, Language Modification and Mentoring.

This experience gave them an insight into the daily issues students with learning difficulties face and throughout that time they developed support strategies that ensured the students were able to access the curriculum and fulfil their own potential.

In 2003 their work led them to specialise in Dyslexia and the acquisition of language and the difficulties some people face accessing language. Their interest in this topic and their subsequent research and studies culminated in gaining a post graduate qualification in Education (Difficulties in Literacy development) – dyslexia.

The following year they achieved AMBDA recognition as Associated Members of the British Dyslexia Association and subsequently became members of The Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (PATOSS) and hold Practising Certificates

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